Ludanyi Andras Winery

Ludanyi Andras Winery is a family run winery of 20 years, based in the picturesque town of Gyongyostarjan, by the foot of the Matra mountains. The Matra wine region is mainly known for its white grape varieties. Hence their main focus is also on white wines, including Irsai Oliver, Szurkebarat (Pinot Grigio), Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling), Muscat Ottonel & Muscat Lunel. Currently producing on around 6 Hectare of their own. Working with modern, reductive technology, & stainless steel tanks, their wines mostly reflect, young, fresh, and fruity characters.

Ludanyi Andras winery aims to make unique, yet high quality wines that represent the regions outstanding features and characters. Equally importantly however, they are motivated to raise awareness and increase the popularity of the excellent wines of the Matra wine region.

Ludanyi Andras Winery – Matra Wine Region