Dúzsi Tamás

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Duzsi Winery is located in the historic wine region Szekszárd, where vines have been cultivated for 2000 years and typically vinified as red and rosé wines.

Tamas bought his estate (3.3 hectares of Kékfrankos vineyard) in the beginning of the 90’s. He then gradually developed his winery on his own into the well known and one of the leading wineries within the region, that  it is today. The winery makes wines from 400 tonnes of grapes every year, from around 60 hectares of vineyards. They take pride in the artisanal wine making processes, sustainable viticulture & 100% hand picking.

A wide range of white wines, rosés and red wines are produced; of more that 25 different types. Among these, the ‘Kékfrankos’ and the ‘Kékfrankos’ based, blended wines are the most frequently used.

The winery has been awarded Winemaker of the Year in Hungary, in 2014.

Tamas has also famously won several awards from well known international wine competitions. Just to name a few: 19 prizes from the “Le Mondial du Rosé”, 6 medals from “Mundus vini”, also some rewards from the “Le Mondial du Merlot”, “Challenge International du Vin”, ”Le Citadelles du Vin”, “Le Mondial du Shiraz”, “Le Vinalies internationales”, “Le Mondial des Pinots”, “Zarcillo”, etc.

Here is a brief video from one of their prestigious international wine competition: Citadelles du Vin 2013:

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