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Hungarian Wine House is an awarded online wine trader dedicated to promoting premium quality Hungarian wines in the UK. We have been providing excellent wines to individual customers, and businesses, including wine bars, wine shops,  restaurants, and different Hungarian cultural events since 2008. Our aim is to cultivate a link between the fine wine market in the UK and talented Hungarian wine makers in order to mutually benefit from the colours of Europe.

We are dedicated to supporting family run and talented artisan wineries of Hungary, and introduce them to passionate wine lovers in the UK. Over the years, we have developed long standing relationships with our selected wineries and built mutual understanding of our goals of raising the reputation of great quality Hungarian wines amongst UK wine fans. We work closely with our selected wine makers through blog posts, interviews, wine tasting sessions, and visits to their estates or UK wine fairs, with a view of building upon our mutual goals.

We not only aim to provide access to a premium selection of Hungarian wines online, but also to offer a platform where we can share knowledge and interesting facts about Hungarian wines as well as sharing your experiences with Hungarian wines, and visits to Hungary.

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