Pannon Tokaj

Pannon Tokaj Winery is a fully Hungarian-owned modern winery in Tokaj, founded in 2000. The cellar owns 20 hectares of land of which currently 19 hectares are cultivated. The three main grape varieties of Tokaj: Muscat Lunel, Furmint, Hárslevelű (linden leaf) are grown in their vineyards which are located in some of the most reputable vineyards around Tolcsva village.

Their primary philosophy is to produce outstanding quality dessert wines mixing the traditional and the new wave of Tokaji wine making. Therefore they produce certain high ‘puttonyos’ numbers of aszú in the best vintages only, carefully hand selecting the first class noble rot affected berries. They take special care in producing wines with a potential for long bottle ageing. Another key is the careful manual work throughout the whole grape-growing and wine making process. We use a very effective but tender pest control, pruning works and strict control of the crop (1,5 kg / vine for the ordinary wine and 4- 5 bunches, that is 1 kg per vine for our premium Dominium selection). The Dominium range receives 6 to 24 months small barrel ageing (220 l) in mainly light and medium toasted barrels. After bottling, a minimum of 6 months laid ageing follows in the bottle.

The wines of the Pannon Tokaj Ltd. have been successful so far in Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Czech, Spain, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.