Area: 1880 hectares
Climate: Sub-alpine character; frost-free spring, cool and rainy summer, sunny autumn, mild winter with a lot of precipitation, advantageous for overriping
Soil: Varying; clay, crystalline shale, limestone and loess are present

Grape varieties, wines:

  • Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) – pleasant tart, velvety
  • Merlot, Zweigelt – excellent dry red wines with high tannin contents and rich in acids

The wine region Sopron is one of the most ancient wine growing regions of the country. Grape seed finds prove that already the Celts dealt here with vine growing. Vine growing has been performed in this region since then. Almost everyone had a vineyard and a cellar, and nearly every farmer here had the wine licence. A fresh pine-bough hanging from a bar indicated that new wine and a bundle of straw that aged wine was sold. A red or white ribbon showed that the farmer was selling red or white wine. This nice custom is reviving in the streets of Sopron

Wine(s) available from Sopron wine region: