How to taste wine Part 1

First Steps …

What you would like to know about wine tasting!

Wine is a luxury product or we can call a panacea. Besides the fact that it is able to both energize and relax, launch discussions with the winemaker with your friends or your love.

So it is not the point, that where, when and with whom to sample.

Only one thing counts:

Taste more, of course, within the limits of health. The rule In case of Wine tasting is, (if you are not among judges at a competition) that there is no rule. Of course, there are some good advice, which is recommend to observe in order to achieve the maximal pleasure.

The Spectacle

To do this, can help a white surface, like a white sheet of paper. If we examine the wine before this clear background ones, some early conclusions can be drawn down of age, or style. In general, it could be say that, while the white wines darken over time, the Reds fade.

About the spinning of wine

An interesting habit that often can be observed in almost all wine events. Can be a simple way to deduct nervousness. At the same time useful, because the wine contact with air on bigger surface and as a result, more fragrance release. In addition, we can get new information of the alcoholic strength and character as the way how the wine flow back on the glass wall (sophisticatedly call this as church window or tear effect) The full-bodied wine goes back more slowly than it’s lighter fresher mates.


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