Hungarian Wines in the UK

Hungarian Wines in the UK

Does Hungary make wine?

Hungary has been making wines dating back the Romans times. Hungarian wine also enjoyed its glory around the 17th C, before the communism has hit the country. So yes, Hungary has been making excellent wines for a lot longer than one would think, with a range of local traditional grape varieties that can only be found in Hungary.

What is famous Hungarian wine?

Hungary boasts a wide range of famous and popular wines in pretty much all categories. 

The most famous Hungarian wine is Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttony in the dessert wines category. However Szamorodni sweet and Szamorodni Dry are also noteworthy and very popular alternatives, due to their great value for money. 

Bulls blood is the most well known dry red wine, that can only be made in 2 wine regions: Szekszárd and Eger. Bulls Blood is a prestigious cuvée of mainly traditional, local Hungarian red grape varieties such as Kékfrankos (blaufrankische) and Kadarka being the base wine. 

Furmint is perhaps the most famous White wine of Hungary. This exciting variety can be enjoyed in many categories: as dry white, as semi sweet white, or even as sparkling wine. 

Which wine is made in Hungary?

Hungary makes a wide range of wines; from many unique, local classic varieties that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Kékfrankos, Kadarka, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Királyleányka, Juhfark, Kéknyelű are just a few traditional Hungarian wine grapes that are used for famous wines such as Bulls Blood, Tokaji Aszu, Tokaji Szamorodni, Tokaji Essencia

Is Hungarian wine any good?

Hungary is part of the old world wine producing countries, albeit much lesser known then Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, or Greece for example. With just as long history and experience, as the other wine making countries, with ideal climate, soil, and the right angles of hills, Hungary indeed makes excellent wines, from dry reds, to dry whites, through to exquisite dessert wines. 

What is a sweet Hungarian wine called?

Tokaji Aszu is the most well known sweet Hungarian wine. Tokaji Essencia, is another Hungarian specialty dessert wine. Tokaji Essencia is a true rarity. Tokaji Szamorodni is also a very popular sweet Hungarian wine, representing one of the more affordable options.

What alcohol is Hungary famous for?

Bulls Blood, which is a dry red Cuvée, or blended wine. Tokaji Aszu is a sweet, dessert wine, and Palinka, which is a clear spirit. 

How do I pronounce Tokaji?

Toe-Kay, Toe-Kai, or Toe-Koy is probably the closest spelling