Summary of the latest news and events

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The latest and greatest news is that Hungarian Wine House has been awarded with the IWC Wine Specialist Merchant of the Year 2012 in Eastern Europe wine category!

The IWC (International Wine Challenge) hosts the largest wine contest in the world with over 9000 wines entered every year. They organize competition to wine merchants as well and my business the Hungarian Wine House entered into this competition first time and it won the category. This means that Hungarian Wine House has achieved it’s first major step in a long journey to make Hungarian wines as famous as they were many years ago.

To say thank you to your loyalty and to celebrate with us we offer 10% discount on all products until the 31st October. To take advantage of this offer use the AWARD10 voucher code at the checkout.

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Wine Fair

I represented my business at the London International Wine Fair along with the Pannon Tokaj winery on the Hungarian stand. We offered 14 different wines from the Pannon Tokaj portfolio from dry white to semi sweet to the sweetest Eszencia.  The interest and positive feedbacks from customers was huge during the 3 days. The Eszencia from 2005 was in the center of attention, but most of the people who attended our desk tried the all range.

Pannon Tokaj stand at LIWF 2012

There were dry Furmint, semi-sweet Muscat Lunel, late harvest sweet wine and 3,5,6 puttonyos Aszú. Also we presented the Aszúeszencia from 2005 which was made from 50% Furmint and 50% Muscat Lunel. Her sister the Muscat Lunel Aszúeszencia was made from 100% Muscat Lunel.  These are a very sweet wine specialsties with huge potential!

The Eszencia 2005 is a 100% natural wine made from the drops of Aszú berries. This may be one of the finest dessert wines ever made in the world. This is liquid gold, so pure, ethereal and totally sensational, explosive on the palate, freakishly complex, lusciously sweet, yet with superb laser like sharp citrus juices which keeps it vibrant and mesmerising throughout. The finish is endless. There is so much going on here, flavours of pineapple, citrus, lichee, orange blossom, strawberries and cream, dried apricot. For me it’s an almost perfect wine already, in truth, it’s the finest I have ever tasted of its type. Consider this, honey contains 400 grams of sugar per litre, this contains a staggering 614 grams per litre! It is only 1.5% Alcohol….it is totally extravagant, extraordinarily finessed, despite the massive residual sugars, this is superbly balanced by thrilling acids. A really excellent and outstanding wine! It will be available at Hungarian Wine House from 2013.

Wine of the month is back!

When I started my business in 2008 I decided to highlight a wine in each month helping for wines to gain more attention and customers to get to know more about Hungarian wines. Each month I pick a wine and sell on discounted price in the whole month.

Since August 2012 I have been offering the Wine of the Month again. I select a wine which I think the best to consume in that month and offer on a sale price. The actual Wine of the Month offer and more information about that wine can be found at the Special Offers section with the tag WINE OF THE MONTH.

In August the wine of the month was the Egri Leányka from Hagymási Winery. This popular variety, Leányka (Eger’s Maiden) is many people’s favourite white wines. The wine in September was Taschner Korai Piros Veltelini. A dry white wine with honey, flowers and melon notes. This wine comes from the Sopron region but abroad mostly in Croatia and northern Italy, near Venice grown as Malvasier.

Bálint Takács