Can You Get Sweet Red Wines?

Can You Get Sweet Red Wines?

Although most red wines are dry, it is possible to find sweet red wines. Popular examples include the Hungarian Bor Forras, Murdei, Mundana, Furst Ferenc and Ice Crystal. These are all available via

The above wines have been best sellers of Pieroth Wines for decades. They have recently seen an increase in popularity as they become more difficult to find them on the UK market. Hence, Hungarian Wine House is pleased to be working closely with Pieroth Wines. We offer a whole range of sweet red wines, like Bor Forras, Mundana, Murdei, Furst Ferenc and Ice Crystal. Terfli Cuvee from Thummerer winery is another one to mention in this category, that has also seen an increased popularity in the UK. They are all available to purchase from in smaller quantities too, as well as in 6 or 12 bottle cases.

Sweet Red Wines

Sweet red wines can be categorised into 3 main groups: sweet specialty red wines, sweet red variety wines, and dry reds with sweet, fruity, jam-like aromas, or a touch of sweetness to them.

Bor Forras, Mundana, Murdei, Furst Ferenc, and Ice Crystal of Pieroth, all fall into the first category: specialty sweet red wines. Wine makers started to respond to the needs of the sweeter tooth wine fans. Hence, sweet wine making processes have started to be applied to red wines too, not just whites. Examples of these sweet wine making processes include late harvest (Bor Forras, Mundana, Murdei, Furst Ferenc) or ice wines (Ice Crystal).

Sweet Red variety wines include the fortified Port and Madeira Wine from Portugal, or Marsala from Sicily, or Mavrodaphni from Greece.

Examples of dry red wines with a touch of sweetness include Lambrusco from Italy, or Beaujolais Nouveau from France. They tend to showcase lighter, fruitier aromas. These wines haven’t got harsh tannins, or oaky-smokey flavours like some other dry red wines may present.

We find that specialty sweet red wines, like the late harvest Bor Forras, Mundana, Murdei, Furst Ferenc are the most popular amongst sweet tooth wine fans. These wines are easy to drink and very enjoyable. Thus hitting that perfectly sweet spot between the lovely sweet, but not too sticky sweet.

However Ice Crystal of Pieroth Wines, is one step up from this. It really falls into the dessert wine category, due to its highly concentrated sugar content.