How Much is a Bottle of Essencia Wine?

How Much is a Bottle of Essencia Wine?

A real premium quality Tokaji Essencia is expected to be fairly pricey. Tokaji Essencia tends to range around few hundred British Pounds, averaging between £500 – £200 per 0.375 l a bottle on a commercial level. In extreme cases it can reach up to £40,000. Royal Tokaji Essencia 2008 vintage has been officially deemed the most expensive wine in the world.

Why is Tokaji so expensive?

As with anything, the price depends on many factors such as the production circumstances, the level of expertise, and luck in many cases. Everything needs to be perfectly right: the weather conditions, the timing of the harvest and at each stage, the yield, etc.

Tokaji Essencia is certainly the rarest, and most labour intensive dessert wines of all Tokaji wines, with the longest production time. It is not by accident, that in the old days Tokaji Essencia was only accessible for aristocrats.

In return of the often sky high price though, you will guaranteed to enjoy the sweetest, richest and most mouth-watering wine delicacy. Tokaji Essencia represents the highest concentration of all the grapes goodness that is physically possible to make.

Tokaji Dessert Wine
Tokaji Dessert Wine

Tokaji Essencia and the Price of Gold

Similarly to the price of gold, if someone is selling suspiciously cheap gold, it is fairly obvious that something is not right in there. Below the average price range should raise the red flag immediately. In such instances it’s either the case of compromised quality, or the procurement circumstances are unclear.

Unfortunately, just like with any expensive commodity, there may be such attempts every now and then. This undoubtedly tarnishes the reputation of such an exquisite national and cultural treasure.

It is highly advised to only buy from trusted traders with long standing history and presence in their field. Not worth to fall for a seemingly cheap bargain, that will only ruin the whole experience. It is a waste of both money and experience to try some compromised quality copy.

Tokaji Essencia is best to enjoy for what it is, and appreciate the amount of work, and grapes, and expertise put into it. It also takes years to produce every drop of it. Due to its super high sugar content, the entire fermentation process is a lot slower than any other wine. Tokaji Essencia is a healing medicine, an elixir, or as others call it; sunshine in a crystal spoon.