Back again after long absence

It’s been a long time I didn’t post any article here and I do apologise for this. There were a lot going on and luckily new projects are on the way. The biggest news that the web shop have been re-designed and after long work with the company call Web Can Work the old web shop has transformed from this

into this

Not just the design but the whole website has been renewed. From the shopping engine through the menu structure and features to the products and information.

All products in each category are in one page. No need to turn between pages to see the products.  Easier to navigate and you can see more products in the same time on the same page.

Detailed information about each wine regions and direct link to the available wines from each region. More detailed information of the grape varieties. More info on its way and we will update soon.

New menu (Spirits) with brand new product range. The popular national hungarian spirit Pálinka has arrived. Available to buy under the spirit section. First time ever in the history of Hungarian Wine House! Wish them a long stay with us!

And more of the new features

  • Less tabs means more focus on the wine.
  • Easier search option. Just type the word or name you look for on the top right of the shop.
  • Different type of discounts and vouchers will be available in the future, thanks to the new shopping engine.
  • Option to register an account which gives you even more features and flexibility in further purchases.
  • Leave feedback about each wine
  • Rate each wine on a 1 to 5 scale

Happy shopping!