How to taste wine Part 2

The smell

Maybe it sounds strange, but first we taste with our nose. If we plug our nose in a complex wine, a kind of feeling may arise that a full lexicon of data, sensation, impression break into our neck.
The real fun starts here.
Breathe deeply the wine fragrance what emerging in the glass.
Always the first impression is the best, with time more and more aromatic notes could come out to surface of course.
At this stage can comes the grape variety, the wine’s style and intensity, and of course the errors.
If you feel the wine is wrong, (it can recalls vinegar) or it’s strongly uncomfortable from other point of view, feel free to send back!


We have now reached the peak (in the best case orgasm in the worst case disappointment).
Keep the wine in your mouth for a few seconds and try to solve it’s mystery.
Experts call this with a magical word “Terroir”!

If they mumble about a wine with such intention, that means good.Start to turn in your mouth to get more benefit from the taste experience.

Then summarize your views.

Try to find a companion to the wine, it can be a food, which stresses it’s virtues, or a tasting place which makes it more interesting, or a friend who we would happily show.
This method can only be good, if the final result will be even better from them.
Thus, second, third, we zoom to perfection.

Spit or swallow?

If you like the taste of wine, and the circumstances allow (chauffer, public transport, etc.) swallow. Because the wine is actually about this, not to mention that it’s healthy in moderate quantities. However, if you want to taste many different wines, or maybe you don’t like the taste of wine, you can spit out, as far as possible into a spittoon or container.